Why Berwin & Berwin?

For four generations and 130 years, the Berwin family have manufactured tailored clothes of different types in different countries for different customers.

During a generation that has seen suppliers retract and consolidate, Simon Berwin has led a growth from circa 1,000 sleeves a week to circa 16,000 sleeves per week. Caring about the people in the organisation and continually striving to produce the best and most consistent quality product have been at the forefront of priorities.

Recently, the strategy has been to offer the widest and very best offer to the customers. This begins with close liaison with fabric providers, from Biella in Italy, to Berwin & Berwin’s Chinese partners Nanshan and now the building of a new fabric mill with partners VITC in Vietnam. This enables Berwin & Berwin to offer a truly vertical product from the wide selection on view in their main showrooms in London and Ingolstadt, Germany. Similarly Berwin & Berwin work with leading trim suppliers globally to offer variety, value, and quality.

Technicians and designers based in the UK, Hungary and factories work together tirelessly to innovate, create, and produce the DNA to suit our individual customers. Creative and sales teams are backed up by a service led operations team who pull together all requirements and liaise between the factories and customers to ensure the correct product is delivered on time.

Constant communication between all countries and divisions plus great product has seen the longevity of the business followed by the significant growth of the business, especially in the last 20 years. Simon Berwin leads from the front with a great passion and pride in all that is done 24/7 and in his words, ” We aim to ensure that if you trust in us, you will always sleep well at night! “.