“The average gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value.” Oscar Wilde.

With this in mind, Baumler offers the finest quality. Covering an extensive range of products, Baumler offers modern business wear, high-quality casualwear and luxurious eveningwear. All year round, Baumler supports its customers with a great range of NOS products.

The sartorial construction with half-canvas chest piece and 100% Cupro lining guarantees the ultimate wearing comfort. The proportions and shapes are perfectly balanced to ensure an excellent look whilst piano facings and half-moon stitching grant longevity.

Mandatory styling details include AMF stitching, Columbia stitching and working cuffs. Together these illuminate our tailoring tradition.

The Baumler Brand is built from three key attributes. These attributes define how we act on the market and inside the company. They are both the true face and DNA of Baumler – Passion. Product. People.